Intertek’s Brand Reinvention

Intertek is unveiling a bold new brand identity across the world to reflect their commitment to superior customer service with Total Quality Assurance.

Intertek has always been a pioneer, anticipating the needs of its clients with bold innovations. True to the innovative spirit of its founders, they are re-defining the industry with their Total Quality Assurance value proposition – going beyond physical quality control through Testing, Inspection and Certification services to offering Total Peace of Mind, as they additionally provide Assurance services, ensuring their customers’ operating procedures and systems are functioning properly. They summed this up in their new strapline, their brand USP, ‘Total Quality. Assured.’


As part of the brand’s reinvention, they are rolling out a bold new brand identity, inspired by a key moment in the company’s history – their founder Thomas Edison’s invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb. The new logo reflects technology and progress. The dot on the letter ‘i’ is always the brightest element of their logo, referencing the light bulb moment in Edison’s laboratory. The new brand colour is yellow – the colour of illumination. The most visible colour in the spectrum, it promotes safety. Yellow is also the colour of new ideas and innovation – the lifeblood of their company.


But their new identity is much more than just a new logo and colour palette. Behind it lies their Customer Promise – Intertek Total Quality Assurance expertise, delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion, enabling their customers to power ahead safely – as they firmly position themselves as the trusted partner for end-to-end Total Quality. Assured.


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