Importer is looking for energy drinks and sugar free energy drinks

A Colombian company is looking to change its current supplier of energy drinks. It wants energy drinks supplied:

– In 250ml cans, in packs of 24 units, at a target price of 0.17 cents free on board (FOB) per can

– At a rate of a container every 2 months, at a volume of 1 full container load (FCL) of energy drinks and 1 FCL of sugar free energy drinks, at cost and freight (CFR) to Cartagena in Colombia

– With payment method dependent on seller’s conditions, using letter of credit (L/C) payment method

The Colombian company has a portfolio of international and domestic brands of food and drinks and an excellent logistical network

Opening date: 05/06/2017
Deadline for submissions: 31/07/2017

To apply for this export opportunity, please visit: